Culture 101

Kia ora and welcome!

Being in a new place can be overwhelming so we thought we’d give you a Māori culture jump start.

Here are some common words you may hear throughout the Summit.

Mōrena– Good Morning
Kai– Food. It is important to listen out for this one, first in first served.
Ka pai!– Well done! This is a praise and shows delight.
Haramai– Come here or welcome. This is an invitation to come closer
Pōwhiri– Traditional Māori welcome ritual
Waiata– Maori love to sing and take every and all opportunities to do so. Waiata means sing or song and usually means you’re in for a Māori musical experience.
Haka– Traditional Māori war dance made internationally famous by the All Blacks rugby team. There are many forms of haka and they outline a range of topics, issues and tribes.
 Ka kite–  Farewell, see you later, bye.






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