Workshops and Activities

Facilitated workshops by KPMG, Indigenous Tourism Opportunity (Walking the Tight Rope)
Monday 1pm
In each of the workshops, there will be a mix of individual, small group, and whole group activities.

The Indigenous Tourism Opportunity (Walking the Tight Rope) Indigenous tourism is one of the fastest-growing tourism markets in an increasingly competitive tourism marketplace.  Discussions will explore two schools of thought – does indigenous tourism revive customary traditions or does it reduce the aesthetic quality of cultural products and traditions.  How can the balance of providing an authentic cultural experience be achieved while protecting our sacred traditions?
Outdoor dinner and movie night
Monday 6pm
A Kiwiana dinner will be served to delegates in the outside area of the Copthorne. Following the meal, and outdoor movie screen will be set up on the waterfront grass area, with beanbags, comfortable chairs and blankets. We will be screening two films, Sherpa, and either Hunt for the Wilderpeople or Boy.


Panel discussion with Heather Rae, Angie Chamorro  ‘The power of storytelling’ 
Tuesday 9.05am

In the digital age of the 21st century it is easier than ever to have a say, and harder than ever to be heard. The power of storytelling has the potential to make this cut through in a world where authenticity and uniqueness counts more than ever. How can indigenous tourism harness the power of technology to share our stories and make our voices heard?
Presentations and Panel discussion with Awi Sapu, Kauahi Ngapora, and Pablo Calfuegueo Lefio.  ‘Communities growing Tourism’ 
Tuesday 10.15am

The panel will discuss the experience of tourism in their community – how has indigenous tourism evolved through the hands of communities; how the support of local communities supports indigenous tourism and conversely, how indigenous tourism can support local communities; what pressures were encountered from the wider community, and the preparedness of communities for the influx of visitors.

Facilitated workshops by KPMG, The Indigenous Tourism Opportunity (Walking the Tight Rope. PART 2
Tuesday 1pm

This workshop will discuss how tourism has evolved through the hands of communities. Discussion will focus on the investment required; the skills needed and training of staff and how and where marketing and promotion of the new attraction are distributed.  The forum also provides an opportunity to share what pressures were encountered from the wider community and the preparedness of the community for the influx of visitors.

Summit gala dinner
Tuesday 7pm
A formal sit down dinner with entertainment will be held for all delegates in the Waitaha Room at the Copthorne Bay of Islands.
Presentations from workshops
Wednesday 8.55am
KPMG and workshop leaders will present the key findings from the workshop sessions held on Monday and Tuesday.


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